Winchester Steel Replacement Door Highlights

Composite Top Weather Barrier

Stops all weather elements

Unique Top Security Hinge
Interlocking tabs and non-removable hinge pin.
Three Sag-Stop Hinges Per Door
Each hinge plate has 8 screws (4 per side), prevents binding and sagging.
12-Gauge Hinge plates
Riveted to inside of steel door and inside of steel frame.
18-Gauge lockside & hinge side steel
20% to 60% thicker than all doors tested. 1/8″ thick reinforced steel at lock area.
Heavy Gauge galvanized textured steel door
with inside reinforcements. Oak graining strengthens performance to that equivalent of 20-22 gauge steel.
R-15 Insulation
highest rating available. 4 times better than wood doors. Twice the rating of many other steel doors.
Interlocking All Steel Door Edge
prevents forced entry by splitting door apart. Yet, vinyl insert maintains complete “cold stop” edge.
Unique “Cold Stopper”
Vinyl insert stops cold conduction. Edge placement prevents hinge conducting “cold spots”.
20″ Security Lock Block
Largest available. Provides reinforcement from forced entries that most doors don’t have.
Heavy-Duty hardware
Stronger than standard locks, virtually impossible to cut, jimmy or twist.
Draft-free magnetic sealing stops
Similar to high quality refrigerator door seals.
Triple Protection Sweep
Replacable with twin compression tubes extruded vinyl center blade provides the maximum protection from air infiltration.
Adjustable Thermal Sill
Rejects rain and air penetration. Inside thermal nosing prevents cold conduction.

Outstanding Replacement Door Features

Superior Polyurethane Insulation

An environmentally friendly polyurethane core provides an R-15 insulating value. That’s four times better than ordinary wood doors and twice as energy efficient as a steel door with a polystyrene core. Our polyurethane core chemically bonds to the heavy gauge steel skins to enhance the structural rigidity and thermal performance by eliminating air pockets. Unlike wood doors, steel skins won’t shrink, sag, warp or rot.

Interlocking Steel Edge with Positive Thermal Break

Winchester’s interlocking steel-edge design is unique to the industry, incorporating six 90 degree steel bends in each edge. This strengthening feature ensures stability and helps eliminate warping and thermal bowing. The vinyl extrusion which locks the steel skins together also serves to insulate the outer skin from the inner skin. This is a true thermal break that prevents the transfer of heat or cold.

Built-In Security

Galvanized steel skins are punched and extruded in the lockset area, as well as strengthened by a right angle lip around the lock hole. A molded steel ring reinforcement is added, assuring a permanent, solid base for hardware application. Rolled steel locking pins make forced entries virtually impossible.

18-gauge steel surrounding frame provides the strength and durability needed to maintain squareness and energy efficient installation.

12-gauge steel plate reinforced hinge plate and steel interlocking hinges that are secured with eight screws is Winchester’s answer to providing the security features that give you peace of mind.

Outstanding Weather Barriers

Twin compression tubes and a center extruded vinyl blade provides a replaceable triple positive seal between the door bottom and the threshold, virtually eliminating drafts, leaks and ice build-up. The adjustable threshold gives year round performance when weather extremes affect the perimeter building materials.

Refrigerator style magnetic door stops hold the door as airtight as your refrigerator.

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